Spotify: Group Playlist Feature Will Be Available In Facebook Messenger

Spotify: Group Playlist Feature Will Be Available In Facebook Messenger Spotify: Group Playlist Feature Will Be Available In Facebook Messenger

by Abhranil Das

Spotify is a worldwide popular music, video and podcast streaming medium mainly works on paying royalties to the artists for their original songs.

Spotify is slowly expanding its services inside of Facebook Messenger, with their new feature now, you can make Playlists for you own group inside the Facebook messenger itself to share and also collaborate with your buddies. It can be turn out quite a fun to make shared playlists on all connected music apps and services. It is literally a small window to your friends taste of music world.

Definitely you would prefer that you don’t have to leave the app to search and add the track to the conversation. This where spotify gets in and save the extra trouble of leaving the Fb messenger. If you just have the chat extension in the messenger, you can start adding songs to the playlist, even if you are not a premium member of Spotify. Basically tap the in Plus icon  to open Spotify, and select "Create a Group Playlist”. Whether you have a Spotify account or not, you will have full accessibility to add songs to the created list without leaving the Messenger application.

This feature will undoubtedly be useful for parties and stuffs. All your friends can also add a mix version of all their selected songs to the list with the help of their existing music mixing app. It's likewise very useful for finding new songs and artists in your group of friends. It's a well known fact with reference to why Spotify needs this, after this feature they could easily integrate with much more people and expand their business horizons. Their initial target audience is active users of facebook messenger which is right now at a record high of 2 billions active users, a considerable measure of potential audience members.

As report suggested that the they were just rolling out the extension, not the Facebook Messenger application, so you don't have to update the application itself.

For more information about this next update, you can visit the official blog of Spotify or can interact with the Spotify Messenger bot. 

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