Humans Are On Verge Of 6th Mass Extinction: Suggested

Humans Are On Verge Of 6th Mass Extinction: Suggested Humans Are On Verge Of 6th Mass Extinction: Suggested

by Abhranil Das

According to a journal released Monday ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’

The scientists are claiming that we are right inside the process of getting ourselves extinct for the 6th time in the history of the earth. During the course of 500 million years of formation of the earth, it has been faced with 5 successful mass extinction. And according to the latest study humans are currently on verge of having the 6th one soon.

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Biological annihilation occurring globally can happen due to natural climate changes, catastrophic meteor strikes, or massive volcanic eruptions. Currently, as development progressed this one is most likely to be caused by human activities such as global warming, deforestation, pollution, excessive population, poaching animals, destroying their habitats and depletion of ozone layer. 

"The massive loss of populations and species reflects our lack of empathy to all the wild species that have been our companions since our origins," says the lead author, Gerardo Ceballos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. "It is a prelude to the disappearance of many more species and the decline of natural systems that make civilization possible."

According to the reports published by the journal, about 50% of the total number of live animals that humans come across have died since the beginning of the time. To this day billion of mammals, reptiles, animals, and amphibians are still moving towards the verge of extinction each passing second.

The region particularly had the hardest outcome is Southeast Asia and some parts of the Europe. Due to sudden urbanization and increased population, a huge number of animal species has lost their proper habitat along with about 80% of them as still searching for a suitable habitat to blend in as their original habitat. Even these animals have not reached a stage for extinction but their reduced habitat space could lead to a very serious shift in our ecological balance in our nature. The harmony between human, animals, plants, and microorganisms will be destroyed beyond repair.

Stuart Pimm, a professor at Duke University in the US has not yet lost hope of surviving these developing circumstances. Well, he disagrees with the fact that sixth mass extinction could happen but he says that if humans weren't mended their way of exploiting resources beyond their capacity then the process towards extinction is something that hasn’t started yet but we are pretty on the verge of igniting it.

"All signs point to ever more powerful assaults on biodiversity in the next two decades, painting a dismal picture of the future of life, including human life," the researchers added.

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