Nokia 8 or iPhone 8; which one to buy and Why?

Nokia 8 or iPhone 8; which one to buy and Why? Nokia 8 or iPhone 8; which one to buy and Why?

by Dr. Nikita Vishal

If you are someone who enjoys adapting to new technology, then the month of August and September had been really happening. As the world’s biggest and oldest brand in smart phones had come up with two advanced phone in the form of iPhone 8 and iPhone X on the other hand the global leader in phones Nokia had also come up with Nokia8 which boasts of number of things. But which one should you opt for and why is what we will be discussing in the blog.

iPhone 8 is readily available while Nokia 8 is not
iPhone 8 is easily available in the market. Because of two phones launched within a short span of time, people are more loyal towards the iPhone X rather than iPhone8; hence it is readily available in the market in comparison to Nokia8 which had released a month before, but is not found commonly.

iPhone8 is much more costly then Nokia 8
Where iPhone8 is set to sell at a hefty amount of 64K INR, on the other hand Nokia8 is priced just above 36000. With the sort of quality Nokia had offered off late, this phone can be the life saver as the phone flaunts everything which a high-end phone needs to have, a wonderful pixilated camera, clarity in audio and hexa-quad processor.

More Metallic colors in color offered by Nokia8
Metallic colors are in, so as Nokia8, as it offers 8 metallic color option in comparison to that off iPhone8. Where iPhone8 is available only in 4 usual colors, on the other hand Nokia8 has gifted their users a choice of 7 options to buy from. That means entire family has one phone though with a different color… Sounds interesting… Isnt’it?

Nokia8 has bigger screen size
Nokia8 has an inch bigger screen in comparison to that of iPhone8, where iPhone8 flaunts a screen size of 4.3 inches, on the same end, Nokia8 has a magnamous 5.3 inch screen, which helps you to read better, view better and surf better.

The Processor of Nokia8 is better than Bionic
How does it matter if the iPhone8 has come up with a Bionic processor, it is still on the higher end of the price, though Nokia8 flaunts a hexa-core processor which makes search just too much better to be targeted. It is just a one-click which requires and you can search exactly in the same seconds as you take to say Zip,Zap,Zooooom.

Expansion of memory cannot be possible in iPhone
iPhone8 does not give you this freedom of expanding the memory, while with Nokia you can make it compatible and run a memory card of 128gb as well, mind you that Nokia 8 flaunts the same gb of internal memory as iPhone8 does, but it is the external memory slot which had created the difference.

The front cam of Nokia is far better than iPhone8
IPhone8 has a front cam of 7mp while Nokia8 flaunts a front-cam of 13mp which makes selfie queens more envious of their not so picturesque type friends, who will flaunt a Nokia8, just because of its other features.

Still thinking to buy an iPhone8, buy it only in case if you are a religious apple fan, else Nokia8 can do a better job within budget and offers you ample of option to customize as per your needs. Don’t think more, pick up one for yourself and get going to capture the world with a bang…

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