Google And Huawei Faces Class Action LawSuit

Google And Huawei Faces Class Action LawSuit Google And Huawei Faces Class Action LawSuit

by Abhranil Das

A few users of the Nexus 6P, the last gadget under the Nexus hood of Google, have whined about frequent bootlooping and rapid battery drain issues. As per reports, users have been confronting the issues since the beginning and no firmware update has solved the above issues. Users are requesting both Google and Huawei to roll out specific updates to stop the issues. 

The law firm “Chimicles & Tikellis” has documented the suit against hardware maker Huawei and software maker Google, in Texas USA. The action law suit claims that affected Nexus 6P devices get turned off even having sufficient charge – a consequence of the battery depleting issue. The bootlooping issue makes the device run into a boot loop – making it inadequate till the issue is settled. The absence of interest by both brands in settling the issue has additionally been highlighted in the suit.

Earlier this year both Huawei and Google were criticised for their lack of interest in solving this issue and not acknowledging their fault in public. While Huawei service centres kept blaming the buggy Operating system, Google keep their hands clean by telling users to get faulty phones exchanged from Huawei’s warranty service centre.

Google Launches Areo:

As indicated by reports, these issues began to surface both prior and then afterward the guarantee period of the units got lapsed. Some users have grumbled that the guarantee is not being hold as promised at the beginning. Also if uses get to the store before the guarantee period expired, then they have to wait for at least several weeks to get an exchange device. Be that as it may, but those restored units also endured similar issues.

Google demonstrates its support by rolling out a steady OTA update of Android 7.1.2 for Nexus 6P only; it requires a minimum storage space of 26MB only. The update is meant to solve the battery drainage bug along with some camera fixes. But, the recent OTA update has brought about some new issues like after this update fingerprint sensor stop working, as Android Authority revealed.
Google did not instantly respond for any comments and Huawei declined remark on the issue.

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