To Curb Terrorism, German Federal Authorities Tested Face Recognition Surveillance Software

To Curb Terrorism, German Federal Authorities Tested Face Recognition Surveillance Software

by Abhranil Das

The rise in criminal violation has drastically risen exponentially in this last decade. Many countries have taken a lot to steps to curb it, yesterday Germany has done a test launch on brand new face recognition surveillance system designed by their finest engineers. It was tested first in a train station in Berlin to run everyone face with national wanted list of terrorists. According to them, it is one of the major transportation links towards the border of the country, this initiative will contribute to anti-terrorism propagandas.

In Berlin station in a secure spot, a total of three CCTV cameras was set up in such a way that it can get a clear view of the major portion of the station. All the cameras were linked and were loaded with different face recognition software.  The Berlin’s Suedkreuz railway station falls under the test region surveyed by the German police and jointly run by interior ministry along German Railways.

One of the main reasons behind yesterday's test run is that to determine the efficiency of the surveillance program AI and also whether it can recognize faces instantly and single out them from the crowd.

A federal police spokesman said that “We want to test it under normal circumstances,” in which people in question can “wear a hat or a motorcycle helmet… or just vanish in the crowd,”

People are so excited about the program that over more than 250 peoples have volunteered to these trial runs of the program. They submitted their full bio-data including there birthmark details and even biometrics to a secure databank to help improve the accuracy of the surveillance program. Also, the federal police assured them that their data will be securely deleted after six months of the testing phase.

Each of the selected volunteers selected for the trail has been gifted a $25 gift card from Amazon each time they were spotted in the Berlin railway station. Although the trail area is very limited, three cameras were loaded near the entrance, exit, and the elevator.   

There were also reports that volunteers need to carry a transponder box (small) which will confirm the accuracy of the detection of the volunteers in the station. And these data will help in ascertaining the fact that cameras indeed recognize the correct faces in the crowd.

So what do you think of 24/7 surveillance systems? Should we try to implement this program in our country to?


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