Young Blood Transfusions offered as Anti-Aging Remedy

Young Blood Transfusions offered as Anti-Aging Remedy Young Blood Transfusions offered as Anti-Aging Remedy

by Palak Puri

Ambrosia, a startup is filling the veins of the elderly with the blood of young teens so that they can live forever only for a mortal value of $8000.

It sounds like an episode from Silicon Valley or science fiction but it is not. Dr. Jesse Karmizen the founder of Ambrosia announced on Wednesday at code conference that about 100 people have signed up to receive a blood transfusion.

The donated blood is typically pulled from teenagers; however, anyone below the age of 25 is eligible to donate blood. This ensures that only freshest blood is utilized for all blood transfusions for effective results.

Any individual above the age of 35 can be a customer to Ambrosia, however majority of the early adopters are close to the retirement age, said Karmazin.

He also sighted that Ambrosia does not claim to cure aging, it does not promise immortality, and instead, it attempts to study whether the symptoms associated with aging can be reversed.

Karmazin claims that people infused with young plasma have exhibited positive benefits and no benefits have been sighted yet, most people who have undergone the blood transfusions see significant improvements in a month.

After reviewing a research on mice where older mice were injected with plasma portion of the young mice to observe improvement in the memory of the older mice, where he believed that the animal and retrospective data was persuasive and Karmazin started Ambrosia in an attempt to make this treatment available to people.

Karmazin has also not been hesitant in sighting a few side effects like hives,  and allergic reactions. Although Karmazin claims that the participants are experiencing miraculous results, the truth remains that these studies are far from definitive at the moment.

Some of the renowned scientists have expressed that Karmazin’s trials are very poorly designed and do not profoundly and transparently provide the solid pieces of evidence of the effects of the blood transfusions. Some of them have blamed Ambrosia for cashing on the public excitement on the subject and lacks necessary evidence.

Despite criticism and lack of apt evidence, Ambrosia’s anti-aging treatment has become the talk of the town. In this new brave world, Ambrosia is helping the privileged and the rich old to conquer the world one young blood bag at a time.

There will Soon be an era where growing old will only be for the poor.

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