How Much Walking You Need to Lose Weight

How Much Walking You Need to Lose Weight How Much Walking You Need to Lose Weight

by Palak Puri

Do you want to lose a few pounds but you’re scared of going to the gym or, you just simply don’t like working out? Do you know a really simple thing like walking every day can actually help you lose weight more than any gym equipment? If you try walking to lose weight, you will actually achieve the near equivalent result.

Weight loss is basically burning more calories than you have gained. It is proved that only one mile of walking can help you to lose up to 100 calories. Imagine what you can achieve if you can add walking to your daily routine? You may find walking alone completely boring. But, you can always make it more interesting by bringing a bud with you. When you’ve got a buddy to tag along with, you can easily increase the time of walking as well. You can also try listening to music while walking if you are fond of music.

How much calories you are burning or how many pounds you’re losing that completely depends on the intensity of your walking regime. Try to cover at least four miles per day. Four miles of walking in a day can help you burn a lot of unwanted calories just in a month’s time.

If you’re thinking to start walking to lose weight, at the beginning aim for half an hour of walking every day without fail and aim at least one mile to cover. Try to make a target of walking two and half hours in a week. You can split your walking in 10 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of break. Never begin a walk without a little warm up. Start with five minutes of warming up, and then ten minutes of rigorous walking, followed by a 5-minute rest. After a few days of walking every day, try to raise your walking regime to 30 minutes of followed by a 10-minute break. Remember walking constantly without any break won’t be beneficial to your health. 

Here are a few tips you should know before you start walking to lose weight.

  • Never start with intense walking routine. Aim for 10 minutes of walking at the beginning. 
  • Doing some warm up and stretching exercises before you start walking is always a good idea.
  • Slow down and take rest if your heart beat increases excessively. 
  • If you’re regaining from an accident don’t fix a target time and distance. Walk for as long as your body can comfortably take it.
  • Try to finish your walking regime with some free hand exercises and stretches.
  • You must walk five days or more per week. And you must not skip more than a day in this case.

Weight Lose Diet Chart:

Now let’s talk about how effective walking to lose weight can be. 

On your average speed of walking, you will go around 1 mile. But, if you walk intensely you can go from 3 – 5 miles depending on your intensity. If you constantly walk 3-5 miles a day you don’t need a gym or any fitness instructor to achieve your weight loss goals and results will be visible right from the end of the 1st month itself.  

The first step will sound difficult but the result will motivate you to pursue walking and aim at a fitter weight loss. Keep walking to have a healthy life.

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