7 Reasons To Drink Lemonade In The Morning: And How To Make It

7 Reasons To Drink Lemonade In The Morning: And How To Make It 7 Reasons To Drink Lemonade In The Morning: And How To Make It

by Sonal Dhir

A lemonade drink is insanely inexpensive and quite easy to prepare. Do you think taking lemonade drink in the morning can provide you with large number of health benefits? Is lemonade really a cure or it is just a health fad? Let’s find out some of the benefits of drinking lemonade right after you wake up.

#1 Improves Immunity

Since lemon which is one of the constituents of the lemonade contains vitamin C and potassium, these nutrients when absorbed into the body provide an immunity boost. Vitamin C also works well for the adrenals and helps in the reduction of stress also.

#2 Aids Digestion

One of the major advantages of drinking lemonade comes from the warm waters from which it is prepared. It helps in the flushing of the digestive system and also rehydrates the body.

#3 Detoxification

Lemonade benefits the enzymatic system of the body stimulates the liver and flushes out the toxins present. It is a mild diuretic and enables the urinary tract to get rid of all
kinds of the unwanted substances from the body.

#4 Boosts Up Vitamin C Level

Since vitamin C is not made by the body, we have to get enough amount of vitamin C from the food and drinks that we take. Lemons have a good amount of the vitamin
Cathie vitamin stimulates the production of the white blood cells and also provides protection to the cells against the oxidative damages.

#5 Rejuvenates The Skin And Heals The Body

The antioxidants that are present in the vitamin C fight against the damages that are caused due to the free radicals and keep your skin fresh and young. Vitamin C also helps the body to produce enough amount of collagen which smoothes out the lines on the face and delays the signs of aging making your skin look young and wrinkle free.

#6 Supports Weight Loss

Since a lemon has a high content of the pectin fiber, it helps to fight against the hunger cravings. A lemon is one of the most alkaline foods around you and research
has indicated that people who take more of an alkaline diet tend to lose weight faster. The lemonade can be a great option as a replacement for your full glass of orange
juice. Think about a number of calories that will be saved.

#7 Reduce Inflammation

Drinking lemonade on a regular basis will lead to the reduction in the acidity in the body. It aids in the removal of the uric acids from the joints too which is actually one of the major cause of the inflammation.

Here Is How You Can Make This Easy Recipe In One Go

Squeeze ½ of the lemon into a glass of lukewarm water. Slice a cucumber thinly and add to the water. Add a tea spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt. Dropping handful of the mint leaves will make the drinking refreshing.

Well, That's it. Adding a glass of lemonade in the morning can be a great addition to your daily diet routine. It can jump metabolism thus helping you to stay healthy and active all throughout the day. Staying hydrated by drinking lemonade has been shown to boost metabolism.

All the very best!!!

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