Tips For Glowing Skin: Top 5 Summer Tips for Glowing Skin

Tips For Glowing Skin: Top 5 Summer Tips for Glowing Skin Tips For Glowing Skin: Top 5 Summer Tips for Glowing Skin

by Palak Puri

Summer is here. It is the perfect time to flaunt your skin, wear cool summer dresses and become the talk of the town. Summer also needs you to pay special attention to your skin. Protect your skin from the summer heat. Follow these top 5 summer tips for glowing skin and you are sorted.

Lots of Water
Do you know water not only quenches thirst but also flushes out all wastes and toxins that accumulate in your body? Keep yourself hydrated with liquids like coconut water, buttermilk, green tea and fruit juices. Fluids such as these keep the skin dewy, soft clear and glowing.

Saving Your Skin With Sunscreen
Summer is at its peak, but you cannot avoid stepping out of the home and being exposed to Harmful UVA rays. So stay safe and apply any sunscreen of your choice that comprises of high SPF, 30 minutes prior to stepping out and having a wonderful day ahead. Sunscreen protects the skin from darkening and unnecessary damage.

Cleansing your skin twice a day is one of the simplest tips for glowing skin. People with acne prone skin can use aloe vera gel and cucumber based cleanser. Others can make a simple mix of honey and yoghurt at home apply it on their skin, keep it for 10 minutes and rinse it off.

You can make a natural toner at home with an equal quantity of rose water and glycerine. Use it every night. This will moisturise your skin, remove toxins and dirt and also help balance the pH level. It is a natural skin refresher.

Eat Right
Your diet for this summer should include green vegetables to improve your immune system. Eat fruits that have high water content such as watermelon, oranges, and cucumber. Avoid salty snacks and reduce meat intake as salt has dehydrating properties and meat is tough to digest. Your diet will show on your skin.

Weight Loss Tips:

Our summer tips for glowing skin are simple yet effective. For more tips and advice keep a watch out for our blog.

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