Health Benefits and Side Effects of Drinking Beer

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Drinking Beer Health Benefits and Side Effects of Drinking Beer

by Simarjeet Kaur

Drinking beer offers numerous health benefits as per several reports. But as we know excess of everyday thing might be hazardous. Same thing applies to beer also if you drink beer in the moderate amount it will work as a medicine and provides numerous health benefits. But drinking higher amount of beer may lead to the risk of various health problems, hangovers and might also damage the heart and affect blood sugar. Following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of drinking beer:

Benefits of Drinking Beer

Various medical researches specify that drinking the little amount of beer is a boon to your health. Drinking beer in a limited amount leads to numerous health benefits such as it guards heart against diseases, boost resistance power, combat stress and much more. Some of the health benefits of drinking beer are:

  • Aids in combating Stress- As per reports, consuming two glasses of beer daily aids in tackling work-related anxiety and tension.
  • Works as a cold remedy- Drinking hot beer is an excellent cold cure as when barley present in beer is warmed up it perks up blood circulation and helps intake breaths while you feel congested.
  • Makes skin beautiful- some vitamins in beer can rejuvenate the skin as well as have an encouraging impact on skin pigmentation; as a result, your skin becomes supple and soft.
  • Aids in producing good cholesterol- modest alcohol drinking helps in enhancing good cholesterol, HDL at the same time it lowers bad cholesterol, LDL.
  • Decreases risk of kidney stones- as per Finnish study drinking beer may lessen the risk of developing kidney stones up to 40%.
  • Reduces risk of heart attack- If taken moderately beer decreases the risk of heart attack. According to research as compared to non-beer drinkers, beer drinkers have a lower chance of 40 - 60 % of suffering a heart attack. Moreover, Moderate beer drinkers are at lower risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Aids in preventing blood clots- moderate drinking might help out to avoid the making of blood clots that can lump arteries in the brain, heart and neck.

Side Effects of Drinking Beer

If you see from a dietetic viewpoint, beer consumption is not appropriate for overall health. Since it acquires the low amount of nutritional value as well as contains lot of calories. Beer is harmful as it includes numerous chemicals since fermentation process of beer absorbs many chemicals. Moreover, beer can be hazardous if it is consumed in massive amount as it might lead in crafting drinker out of his/her senses. Some of the side effects of drinking beer are:

  • Leads in reducing the functionality of brain- Beer can leads to faintness as well as withdraws functionality of the brain that causes void circumstance which eventually leads to road accidents.
  • Promotes obesity- If consumed in higher amount beer can increase belly weight especially in men, that is referred as the beer belly.
  • Affect blood sugar levels- Beer drinking can affect the blood sugar levels of the body. Beer embraces alcohol that can fall the blood sugar level fast. That can stimulate your appetite and can create hunger pangs and will leave you gorging on more food.
  • Heartburn- Beer has prevailing stimulants that can encourage gastric acid and it might also inflame gastroesophageal reflux that leads to heartburn.
  • Increase Blood pressure- over consumption of beer might increase the blood pressure.

So from above points, it is clear that various risks linked with beer are because of the over-consumption of the drink which leads to several problems. So if you want to take benefits from beer do not over-consume it. What are your thoughts regarding beer drinking? Write your comments in comment section.

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