Weight Loss Tips: 7 Day Diet Regime for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips: 7 Day Diet Regime for Weight Loss Weight Loss Tips: 7 Day Diet Regime for Weight Loss

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Do you want to lose weight in a week? We have a healthy and safe 7-day weight loss diet for you. This diet will help you reduce naturally without making you starve.

Day 1: Fruity Delight for Monday
Flush out the toxins with adequate intake of preferred fruits such as watermelon, pears, apple and all citrus fruits. There is no restriction on the intake of fruits. Eat whole fruits and avoid fruit juices.

Day 2: Veggie Tuesday
You are only allowed to eat vegetables. Eat them raw in the form of salad or boil the vegetables and add salt and pepper. Avoid butter, cream, milk and oil. There is no restriction on the intake of vegetables. Eat as you please.

Day 3: Fruits and Vegetable combo
Today your weight loss diet consists of any amount of fruits and vegetables. Avoid potatoes and bananas. Remember to eat only whole fruits and raw vegetables or boiled as per your discretion. Do not consume butter, cream, milk and oil.

Day 4: Going Bananas
Eat 10 bananas, 1 diet soup with ingredients such as onion, green chilies, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce leaf and carrot. Drink 3 full glasses of milk. This is relatively tough because you eat less.

Day 5: Friday Feasting
Your weight loss diet today can be a mixture of vegetables and fruits, 1 small cup of dal and 1 small cup of boiled brown rice. At least use 6 tomatoes, 2 oranges and 2 apples in your diet for the entire day. Eat them together or separately at your discretion.

Day 6: A Better Saturday
You are allowed to consume one small bowl of rice and vegetables. You are also allowed one bowl of soup, salad and 1 glass of buttermilk. You can also treat yourself with a cup of green tea or 1 cup of coffee with sugar and milk. Do not consume oil butter or cheese.

Day 7: Sunday Finale
Your diet should comprise of a mix of fruits and vegetables, small bowls of dal, and boiled brown rice twice a day, 1 glass of buttermilk, a bowl of salad, fresh fruit juice and diet soup covering your entire day.

So, let's begin today and see the difference.

All the best!!!

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