Some Health Benefits of Having Sex In The Morning

Some Health Benefits of Having Sex In The Morning Some Health Benefits of Having Sex In The Morning

by Simarjeet Kaur

Who doesn't want a romantic, passionate start of the day? Only having sex at night becomes more like a rule and boring than exciting and fun. If you have sex in the morning it takes fills in you positive attitude and willingness to start your day ahead. Night time sex is an old-school culture that can sometimes become really an activity out of habit and not because you actually enjoy doing it. 

After all there's a saying, “there's no particular time for sex”. So why not enjoy the best time of the day with your partner. Moreover having sex in the morning has got many perks and surprisingly they are all related to your health.

Let's discuss the amazing benefits that you are rewarded with your morning sex.

Boosts Your Energy

We know that exhaustion is directly related to sex considering the lots of you-know-what activities. But do you know that it is a great energy booster and a stress buster? Perhaps our concept needs changing. The only explanation that comes is whatever you do in the morning it leaves an impact for the rest of the day. If that work is something as interesting as sex then you might understand the level of energy it can unfold. According to one study that revealed that morning sex releases Oxytocin hormone that makes both you and your partner feel like cuddling each other. This goes a long way and you always get a good feeling with positive mind even when you are at work.

Increases Immunity

According to a recent research it is said that morning sex boosts your level of IgA which is an antibody protecting against harmful infections. It is also said that morning sex benefits can even reach up to keeping you away from catching cold.

Extra Pleasure

Your guy accumulates sex hormones throughout the night and in the morning his testosterone level increases. This is why you can imagine a long time pleasurable experience with your partner. Sex therapist Arlene Goldman has said, “When a man has higher testosterone and is well rested, he has more energy during sex. That will help him last long”. So the positive part is you don't have to be an active participant, he will do the work.

Improves Blood Circulation

Morning sex is full of energy and enthusiasm, thus your work level increases. This in turn circulates the blood well throughout your body. Also you can say goodbye to high blood pressure.

Pain Reliever

If you get a migraine attack in the morning or any other pain you can easily kill them without a pain killer. Morning sex actually relieves your pain.

Skip Workout

Well this needs no mentioning that sex involves a lot of physical activities. When a couple have sex in the morning they burn good amount of calories which is equivalent to a 30 minutes workout. It is said that after the love making session the man burns 240 calories and woman burns 180 calories.

If you are thinking about getting up early in the morning, prepare yourself and go then be sure to experience and find love in new ways.

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