Essential tips every Woman should know about her Vaginal Health

Essential tips every Woman should know about her Vaginal Health Essential tips every Woman should know about her Vaginal Health

by Simarjeet Kaur

Keeping good vaginal health is very important for women since the vaginal area is a susceptible fraction of the body. It needs extra care like other body parts, so correctly take care of this delicate part of the body part as well. Following are some of the essential tips concerning woman vaginal health.

1. Wash vaginal parts properly but avoid using soaps

Clean up your vaginal parts properly but do avert soaps for cleaning since acidic nature of soap might affect vagina’s pH balance. Clean and wash your vagina with only normal or lukewarm water. Additionally always clean the vaginal area from front to back since anus may possess bacteria of faecal matter that might strike around urethral opening if you wipe your vagina from back to front.

2. Take extra care of vaginal parts during periods

Take more care of your vaginal parts during your periods. Regularly, change tampons or sanitary pads even if it isn’t thoroughly soaked. Clean and wash your vaginal area thoroughly since during time the chances of building up of bacteria are higher than other days.

3. Always Wear Cotton Fabric Underwear

Cotton underwear is more comfortable and sanitary than synthetic underwear as it helps vagina to stay dry and it also allows vaginal parts to breathe in air. Synthetic underwear is mostly liable to irritate the skin; however, cotton material evades sweating that’s why it controls the development of bacteria & yeast and saves vaginal parts from infection.

4. Clean and wash up vaginal area thoroughly after sex

One of the most important things for vaginal health is to clean and rinse vaginal parts thoroughly after sex. Since, the pH of semen is basic, whereas the pH of the vagina is a bit acidic. If you don’t clean the vagina properly, leftover semen may source for irregularity in the pH balance that might leads in infection, burning or itching in the vaginal area.

5. Eat healthily and properly

Eat healthy food as well as drink adequate amount of water for proper vaginal health as it helps in averting infections, vaginal aridity as well as it assists in vaginal healing. Soy products, avocados, cranberry juice, yoghurt and nuts and flax seeds are some of the great options to eat and drink.

6. Go commando while you sleep at night

Your vaginal area also requires respiring, thus going commando at night time is must, since this will loosen up your vagina from unwanted sweat.

7. Perform Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are vital for good vaginal health since they aid in reinforcing the pelvic floor muscles, as well as Kegel exercises, also support in eluding urinary incontinence.

8. All discharges are not terrible

You must know all discharges are not unpleasant since discharges are vagina’s method of swilling out bacteria and impurities. A clear, milky or slightly yellowish discharge without any unpleasant smell is normal, but discharge with a foul odour and brown colour might be a sign of infection if the feeling of itching and irritation is experienced.


Follow above tips and learn how to keep your vaginal area healthy and clean. Write your thoughts on the topic in the comment section and let us know if you have any query.

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