Arnab Launches His Channel’s Trailer

Arnab Launches His Channel’s Trailer Arnab Launches His Channel’s Trailer

by Abhranil Das

Tuesday, first teaser of Republic Tv has set the perfect tone for its upcoming launch, Founder and editor Arnab goswami has released the teaser of his own news channel (English) Republic TV on tuesday.

The teaser gained a huge positive feedback after being released in both facebook and twitter accounts of the channel. Duration of the video is just 45-seconds, in it Arnab is seen jotting something on a piece of paper for channel's viewers and doing a voiceover of that message.

In this video Goswami is telling his fans that it has been so long that we haven't interact with him and he has been missing us since he left Times now channel. He goes on saying that there are rumors of him getting lost in the vast sea of media and journalism. He promised that the wait is finally over and he will soon launch his channel that everyone has dreamt off.

Finally the video ends with him promising that he will be back soon. The ending scene has Republic TV logo having a red background with letters written in white over it. Below the logo there is a promoter company’s name ARG Outlier Media and Raj.

Arnab has teamed up with MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar. Two companies named AGR Outliner Media and SARG Media Holding has come forward to fund his channel Republic TV. With immense effort and constant hardship he has build this whole new network in just span of four months for more than 300 people to join in. He is calling this channel as “a pro-people organisation” which will be remain independent from all the external biased influences. The channel is expected to launch in 4-5 weeks.

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