Rahul Gandhi Equates PM Modi with Philippines’s President Rodrigo Duterte

Rahul Gandhi Equates PM Modi with Philippines’s President Rodrigo Duterte Rahul Gandhi Equates PM Modi with Philippines’s President Rodrigo Duterte

by Simarjeet Kaur

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in a mocking condemnation compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Philippines’s President Rodrigo Duterte; he stated they are similar as they both "thrive on hatred and disrespect institutions".

In his interview, Rahul said that "It is this combination of circumstances that has created the space for leaders like Modi and Duterte who thrive on hatred and disrespect institutions.”

Rahul stated during an interview to Nicolas Berggruen, the chairperson of Berggruen Institute in The Huffington Post that Modi has trailed the model of Muslim Brotherhood ( in Egypt) to come into power democratically.

“That is his entire design. Modi has followed the model of the Muslim Brotherhood (in Egypt) to use democracy to come to power. He has filled our institutions with people who propagate a certain divisive ideology and is now imposing a vision of India that excludes India’s Dalits, tribals and minorities. He is a status-quoist pretending to be a reformer,” he uttered.

He alleged, Modi promised youth for jobs to come into power, but the output is unsuccessful so far plus the government is using the anger of youth over joblessness against minorities. He also alleged that decision of demonetisation is also a case of the insolence of institutions as the decision was one-sided.

“His administration is taking the anger of the youth and diverting it against minorities. That is what most right-wing leaders do - this bait-and-switch is not dissimilar from what the right-wing are doing all over the world,” he stated.

Rahul further added, “Economic insecurity about finding work and anxieties over identity are being aggressively exploited by the right wing. They spread fake news, promote ethnic rifts and foment polarisation in order to gain power across states. They divide communities using hatred and turn them against each other to come to power. They are creating massive fault lines by isolating millions of our people. Tribals, Dalits and Muslims are simply being told by the ruling party that they cannot be part of India's vision. Journalists are being shot dead.”

Rahul also articulated regarding the single-mindedness of authority and supremacy and claimed that at the moment India is more consolidated than China.

 “Almost all important decisions in India today are taken at the Prime Minister’s level… Meanwhile, the Parliament in India is currently being reduced to a debating society without any power… Actually, I would argue that India today is more centralised than China. The Communist Party centralises certain aspects. But if you look at Chinese cities, local governments have a lot of power. Even if one was to follow your argument and centralise India even more, the type of reaction you would get — and it is already coming — would be very dangerous,” Rahul stated.

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