Google New Safety Check Features Could Save A Lot Of Lives

Google New Safety Check Features Could Save A Lot Of Lives Google New Safety Check Features Could Save A Lot Of Lives

by Abhranil Das

Today the tech giant Google has launched a new feature tool inside ‘Search and Maps’. This tool is designed to provide information during a major crisis situation like natural disasters or terrorist attacks.This new feature (SOS alert) will provide information at the header of each search engine search results. The information will include latest emergency services near you, important phone numbers, language translators of useful phrases and as well as important websites regarding the situation.

If the affected situation is the close proximity of your residence or the places you frequent, then in some major cases Google may also send SOS notification to your registered cell and direct them to avail the help along with all the information regarding the developing situation.

In case if you’re using Google maps, Pop-up SOS alerts will update about the incident and how far you are from it. It is said to have an information icon, which will direct the users to the information from the Google search. 

Google maps will also alert users in real time about any possible road blocks or diversion placed due to the incident. Waze app is also connected and funneling all the information regarding the incident to the user.

In Yesterday's blog, Google mentioned that “During a crisis, you may see an SOS Alert at the top of search results when searching for the incident or location. You’ll see maps, top stories and—when available—authoritative local information such as emergency phone numbers, websites, and translations of useful phrases. Depending on how close you are to the affected area, you may also get a notification on your mobile device that directs you to this information.”

Google has successfully linked with other agencies like Red Cross, forecasting agencies, and few others in more than dozen countries. Till now they have no luck in partnering with any countries in Europe or UK but they are still trying to rope in most part of the world to provide a better system of information.

These alerts are kind of like Facebook safety checks, which nudges people in the affected region to mark themselves safe. In during crisis, when there is only chaos and nobody have any idea what is happening, then the need for information is very crucial. The right information at right time could save a lot of lives from those incidents. 

So what were your thoughts about this new feature? Do let us know in the comments below.

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