Trump stunned Washington by firing FBI director

Trump stunned Washington by firing FBI director Trump stunned Washington by firing FBI director

by Ravleen Chawla

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who had been leading an investigation into the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign’s potential collusion with Russia to influence the election upshot. As per the wordings of US President Trump, Comey, the top US law enforcement official had been fired over his conducting of an election year email scandal involving then –Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The move shocked Washington and raised doubts amid democrats and others that the White House was trying to blunt the FBI query concerning Russia. Chuck Schumer, Senate democratic Leader alleged that he spoke to Trump and informed him that he was ‘making a very big mistake’ in firing Comey, adding that President did not ‘really answer‘ in reply.

However numerous Democrats have condemned Comey’s handling of the Clinton email probe they alleged they were disturbed by the timing of Trump’s firing of him. Trump’s firing of Comey came a day subsequent to former acting Attorney General Sally Yates advised a Senate panel that she had informed the White House on 26th Jan that Flynn was at risk of blackmail but Moscow as he has been dishonest about his discussions with the Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Trump fired Flynn eighteen days later.
In a signed note released by White House, Trump informed Comey that he was ‘hereby terminated and removed from office effective instantly’, explaining that he reached the conclusion that Comey did not able to efficiently lead the bureau. Trump also added in the letter that ‘ it is important that we find new leadership for the FBI that reinstates public trust and confidence in crucial law enforcement mission’ and ‘I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors’.

But numerous White House officials alleged that Trump had been considering firing Comey for at least a week prior to he made Tuesday’s judgment. Undeniably Trump revealed his annoyance in a string of late night messages on Twitter on 2nd may, precisely a week prior to his final decision was made public.

Former Clinton campaign officials blamed Trump of using the furor over Comey's handling of the email server as a trick to get out from under the Russia investigation. Robby Mook, Clinton’s former campaign manager alleged that ‘I was frustrated, worried and dissatisfied as anyone with Director Comey’s handling of the email investigation, but president Trump just fired the man investigating how Russia interfered in our election and whether members of his campaign were concerned, an investigation President Trump called a ‘charade ‘ only twenty-four hours ago’.

Civil society groups also articulated alarm at the day’s events. Anthony Romero, managerial director of the American Civil Liberties Union, alleged that ‘The independence of the FBI director is meant to guarantee that the president does not work beyond the law. For President Trump to fire the man liable for investigating his own campaign’s ties to the Russians risks that fundamental principle’.

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