7 Signs That You Are Suffering From Diabetes!

7 Signs That You Are Suffering From Diabetes! 7 Signs That You Are Suffering From Diabetes!

by Palak Puri

Diabetes is a common medical condition that affects approximately 422 million people around the globe. However, not everyone knows that they have it. With diabetes, increasing blood sugar can act like poison to your body and significantly impact the health of your organs. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 & 2. Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed in children and occurs when the islet cells in the pancreas cannot produce insulin, rendering it non-functional. Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed in adults and is related more to an individual’s lifestyle. It happens due to reasons such as lack of exercise or excessive consumption of sugar. Since it is a very common lifestyle disease you must ensure that you are aware of these common signs of diabetes.

#1 Immense Thirst

Diabetes can cause fluid withdrawal from all your tissues, as your blood sugar rises. If you are suffering from diabetes, your body is not capable of utilizing the hormone insulin properly. Excessive urination regularly keeps you dehydrated. This also results in dry mouth and excessive thirst. If you experience such a simple routine change, it could probably be a sign of diabetes.


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#2 Frequent Urination

Diabetes may also lead to frequent urination as the patient starts to drink more frequently than usual in order to put out the rising thirst. Due to the rising sugar level in the blood, the kidneys kick into high gear filtering out the blood into urine. This results in excessive urine formation and the urge to relieve yourself. If you find that your visits to the bathroom have doubled than the regular routine, consult with your doctor, because it is definitely not a good indication in terms of your health.

#3 Recurring Skin, Gum, Bladder or Vaginal Yeast Infections

The extra sugar in the bloodstream from diabetes interferes with body's ability to fight against infections causing weak immune system and frequently recurring infections. Because of rising sugar levels in the body, both yeast and bacteria multiply more quickly. Frequent urine infections, skin infections especially in the foot and hands.

#4 Exhaustion or Losing Significant Amount of Weight Without Dieting

An early sign of diabetes adventing your life could be excessive lethargy, exhaustion, unexplained loss of weight. What happens is that your cells aren't able to utilize glucose totally that results into unexplained weight loss. Also, when you are urinating excessively, you may lose more calories and water from the body, resulting in weight loss.

#5 Feeling Very Hungry

Even though you are eating according to your regular routine, still there is an urge of eating. When your body is not able to utilize insulin properly and is not performing well in muscle, fat and other tissues, it results in pancreas to begin to put out a lot more of it in bloodstream to compensate for the low utilization. That causes high insulin levels in the body that send frequent signals to the brain that your body is starving.

#6 Blurred Vision

Flexible membrane, a lens in the eye is suspended by muscles that change the lens’ shapes to focus the eye. With the rising sugar, the lens may not be bending as it should normally. However, the lens is not damaged, but the muscles in the eye need to work harder to focus. Blurred vision can be noticed, when you are suffering from diabetes. Blurred vision is one of the early indications of this health condition.

#7 Tingling or Numbness in The Hands

Impacted people have reported tingling or numbness in the hands or other limbs. This is a sign of diabetes that must not be ignored. Over time, a delayed exposure to high blood sugar affects the nerves throughout the body. There are a number of people, who may not experience any symptoms of damage, but others may notice tingling, numbness or pain in the extremities.

Since diabetes is a common lifestyle disease everyone must be aware of its precautions and its early symptoms. Knowing these early signs of diabetes will help you in taking preventive measures, correct diagnosis and acquiring timely medical and professional health. Whether you are suffering from diabetes or your loved one is impacted this information will help you take informed decisions.

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