Weight Gain Tips: Top 5 Weight Gain Tips

Weight Gain Tips: Top 5 Weight Gain Tips Weight Gain Tips: Top 5 Weight Gain Tips

by Palak Puri

Are you struggling with gaining weight naturally? Is your skinny self keeping you from being fit? Are you tired of trying different methods to gain weight naturally but nothing really ever made a difference? For all you skinny friends out there we have 5 simple yet amazing weight gain tips that can actually help you gain weight naturally without much hassle. Here we are not talking more food and no low movement policy. Healthy weight gain is where the focus lies.

Increasing Calories
Do you know increasing calorie intake is one of the simplest weight gain tips that can work wonders? You need to add more calories to all your meals and also increase your portion sizes. If you are someone with a light appetite, increasing portion sizes can be difficult. So you can add calories to the food you eat. You can stir your pasta with olive oil before adding the sauce, mix nuts with your morning cereals, eat more starchy vegetables, and you can also add avocado to salads and sandwiches. 1 tablespoon olive oil contains around 124 calories, 1 ounce of nuts can add up to 170 calories, and 1 cup of avocado can add around 240 calories.

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Increase Protein Intake
Doctors suggest that you should consume at least 0.55 grams of protein for every pound in your body. Say if you are 120 pounds then you should at least consume 66 grams of good protein every day.

Some of the sources of protein that you can choose from are 1 full cup or 15 grams of black beans that contribute around 218 calories, 1 cup or 35 grams of roasted meat or chicken for 234 calories, and 23 grams of flank steak with 224 calories. Other sources that you can pick from are nut butter, nuts, yoghurt, and cheese.

Drink Your Calories
For light eaters this one of the best weight gain tips. If eating too much makes you fuller, then drink down your calories. You can choose from a variety of choices like 100% fresh fruit juice, milk, and homemade smoothies. You can add protein powder and milk powder to the smoothie of your choice. For best results do not consume these beverages with your meals. Try taking them before, after and or between meals.

Snacking Often
This is one of the weight gain tips that are recommended for people who cannot adjust large meals down their stomach in one go. For light eaters it is easier to manage a number of small meals and snacks than 3 times of full and large meals. If you want to at least increase a pound/week, you can pick at least one among ¼ cup of raisins (110 calories), an ounce of cheddar cheese with around seven wheat crackers (223 calories) and a mix of one medium sized banana and 2 tablespoons peanut butter (300 calories).

Light Exercises
Just eating is not going to help. Simply being a major gobbler and a couch potato is not the trick to successful and healthy gain weight. You need to inculcate appropriate exercises in your quest to a healthy weight gain. You can do light weight exercises to gain muscle mass over time. Exercises like pushups, squats, and lunges are some simple exercises that you can do at the convenience of your living room regularly for best results. A good session of exercise can actually increase and enhance your appetite and help you eat more. You can also choose to do 20 minutes to 30 minutes of walking and biking if you feel like. Even though this might seem against logic, but this is one of the most effective weight gain tips you can choose to implement in your regime.

The above weight gain tips are nothing but guidelines for you to accomplish your goal of healthy weight gain. Always remember working on your body is a time taking process. Do expect this to work in one day or one week. Persistence, patience and dedication towards following a fixed food and exercise regime are basically the key ingredients to your weight gain success story. 

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