Liz Murray

Liz Murray Liz Murray

by Kanchan Negi

Elizabeth “Liz” Murray is a living example of how a man can challenge faith with determination and willpower. Unfortunate Liz was born to parents who were hardcore drug addicts. She, as a child had seen her parents selling stuff at their home, steal her birthday money, and struggling to gather money all for a shot of drug. Because of intense bullying at school for her conditions, Liz had to drop out of the school. When she was just 15, she lost her mother to AIDS. Poor dad was unable to raise enough money for the rent and they went homeless. She was forced to sleep on roads, steal food and shoplift for her living. Inspired by her mother’s words, Liz Murray, decided to ‘fix her life’. She completed her high school and worked simultaneously. Despite all such situations, she got into the Harvard University and became a member of the most desired Ivy league! Not only this, she even has a movie dedicated to her depicting her hard efforts and struggles, namely- “From Homeless to Harvard” which was released in 2003.

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