ICC Declares New Amendments in Cricket Rules

ICC Declares New Amendments in Cricket Rules ICC Declares New Amendments in Cricket Rules

by Simarjeet Kaur

Yesterday, ICC declared several changes in the cricket rules, and it will come into effect from coming Thursday, i.e. 28 September in all international matches. The new rules will impinge on all upcoming international one-day, T-20 and test series. However, ongoing India and Australia ODI series will be played according to previous rules. 

In a press release Geoff Allardice, ICC General Manager proclaimed that “Most of the modifications to the ICC playing terms are being made as an outcome of amendments to the Laws of Cricket that have been declared by the MCC. We have just concluded a seminar with the umpires to make sure they comprehend all of the changes, and we are now all set to commence the new playing terms to international matches.”

As per new rules, the width and length of bats remain same, but the depth and edges can be maximum 67 mm and 40 mm. A gauge would be provided to the umpire, to check the bat’s legality.

“To uphold the balance amid bat and ball, the playing conditions now control the size of the edges of the bats plus their thickness. The restraint on the length as well as the width of bats remains unaffected but the thickness of the edges cannot be over 40mm, and the overall profundity can be 67 mm at the most. Umpires will be issued with the latest bat gauge, which they can use to verify a bat’s legitimacy,” Allardice further added

In another rule change, if a player extends threats that include assault or tries to indulge in deliberate or inappropriate contact with the umpire, player or any third person, he will be charged with Level 4 offences and shall be set off of the field for remaining the match for such misconduct. Level 1 to 3 offences will be dealt with the ICC, Code of Conduct. 

Being need of time review remains even if the decision of “umpire’s call” remains unchanged. DRS will be allowed in T20Is and Test Matches in each inning; there could be only two unsuccessful reviews.

“The amendments will be pertinent for all cricket formats, since there will be an alteration in the DRS regulations” ICC proclaimed in the press release.

Further changes in the cricket rules are during run out or stump, If a batsman grounded himself/herself or bat once in the crease before wicket is disturbed, he/she will remain not out even if loses contact with the ground after that.

Catch on the boundary is required to be taken in the field only else it would be the boundary.  Further, if a ball bounces off the helmet, he/she would be declared out on account of run out, catch or stump.

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