Hard-hitting realities of corporate life that no one ever told you

Hard-hitting realities of corporate life that no one ever told you Hard-hitting realities of corporate life that no one ever told you

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One of the dreams of every individual’s life is to enter a corporate life. A life which not only frames the beginning of a new life but also lays the foundation stone for the future. Whenever we talk about corporate life most of us are often attracted to the glittery side of it. But, when it comes to the real side, the story is a bit different. This sweet bubble of joy bursts soon and the harsh reality hits straight on your face. Well, this is just a part of life, being acquainted with these realities will help you fight the corporate struggle and emerge as the winner.

  • Your efficiency is a double-edged sword. On one side it lets you grow as a professional but sometimes it will leave you over-burdened with work.
  • They may say that you will grow with the company but remember that the corporate world is always looking for what you can contribute to their growth and not vice-versa.
  • Hard work is good but smart work will always make you a winner.
  • No matter how much you love your work, there will come a time when you will work only for money and not personal growth.
  • Being good at doing everything is important, but you must learn the art of delegation to become successful.
  • Your creativity will get limited to your work and nothing more.
  • Work-life balance will be a dream that you would only dream while working in a corporate.
  • No matter how good the company is, be ready to take some extra tasks that are not a part of your KRA.
  • Your HR Manager might say that the company needs you, but the fact of the matter is that the company will always make you feel that you need the company more than it needs you.
  • Seldom you would find the meetings fruitful.
  • You might just love to sit back and work for some extra hours, but the day you leave early, you will have many raised eyebrows.
  • Love your salary and work, not your company.
  • Half of your time would go in sending emails and arranging your mailbox.
  • If you are an initiator, then be ready to face the brunt of some jealous colleagues and subordinates.
  • Office politics is the harsh reality that you must be ready to accept.
  • You will be always surrounded by judgmental phupo in your office, no matter how agile you are, be ready to share space with such people.
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