Top 15 Netflix originals 2020

Top 15 Netflix originals 2020 Top 15 Netflix originals 2020

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There was a time when watching a movie for others was the only option if daddy liked it. Time change, and there came an era of streaming. Boom! Everyone had their theatres in their hands, and there was no more fight over the television remotes. Netflix emerged as a streaming giant not very long after it's launch. It's consistency and it's choice of movies and shows it launches has been brilliant ever since.

Moreover, Netflix originals have been the most awaited movies for its subscriber because they carry a story, a message, and, most of all, every element of drama, fiction, suspense, horror, and romance. Let's make the task of selecting these movies simpler for you. Check out these top 15 Netflix original movies and get ready to watch them each weekend:

1. Never have I ever

This is a story about an Indo American teenage girl, Devi. The movie has been Created by Lang fisher and money Kaling. With dreams to touch the sky, this high school girl trying to deal with her father’s loss on one side has her teenage hormones pushing her into the usual stuff. The role has brilliantly been played by Maiteryi  Ramakrishnan and is indeed a must-watch Netflix original of 2020.

2. Unorthodox

        The movie is about a 19-year-old girl who leaves her orthodox community back in Brooklyn to start her life afresh. Esty Shapiro (played by Shira Haas) moves to Berlin in search of freedom. The movie is a thriller that would want you to stick to your seats. It has been scripted in English and Yiddish languages. Like a thriller movie, one should have the heart to spare to watch this exceptionally well planned and directed the film.

3. Ozark season 3

When Ozark announced its third season, the fans were as excited as they could be. And it certainly was able to get up to the expectations of its fans. Emmy winning crime series with top-notch acting, writing and screenplay, the movie has left a mark already remembered as one of the best crime series ever. Lead actors Laura Linney and Janet Mc Teer have shown spectacular performances.

4. The midnight gospel

A story of Clancy, who is a glorified YouTuber, is what this movie is all about. And animated dramedy which attracted millions of fans, including the kids. The information is all about shattering his illusions and his self-reflection journey to the viewers who are willing to watch him online. This animated movie is a work of Pendleton Ward from the adventures Time'd and Duncan, a podcaster. This is counted among the most watch Netflix original movies of all time.

5. Bojack Horseman season 6

A series that announced its finale this year had left millions of his fans heartbroken. An acclaimed animated series falling into the comedy category ran successfully over six long years. BoJack or the horseman was a kind of character that each one of us can see in ourselves.

6. Sex education season 2

When comedy meets drama, it certainly delivers something unmatchable. One of the most favorite Netflix original series in 2019 came back this year with equal zeal and passion. With Otis, Meave, and Eric, each episode was fun, and everyone wanted more. The fans are already waiting for the announcement of season 3, which will happen shortly.

7. Cheer

When Greg Whitely came up with his latest project, no one could have imagined the topic he had covered. It is all about the cheerleading community in America. It brings out the fact that the community is so competitive that going to any extent to follow the drama of being in a cheerleader group is not a big deal at all. A topic that has not been discussed much in the past despite holding utmost relevance. 

8. Hollywood

It is not a child play to be a part of Hollywood. The world is full of talents and to prove yourself amongst the crowd is not everyone's cup of tea. Netflix original, Hollywood has bought out these aspects in the otherwise dream world of Hollywood. It got so much appreciation from its fans that they have started demanding for more episodes to be added already 

9. Dead to me season 2

When season one ended with it's dramatic and comedy twists, everyone was sure they would witness the next season shortly. When season two was aired, the fans had the excitement to watch it on the same day. The hilarious comedy of two sophomores, which will make you laugh till you fall on the floor, has a rollercoaster of emotions too. Isn't that a perfect choice for those who want drama and comedy? Let the movie be your next weekend watch.

10. The Killer inside: the kind of Aron Hernandez

A real-life story of NFL tight end Aron Hernandez is undoubted Netlfix's one of the most acclaimed whole life story. Based on the murder of Odin Floyd, the series debates on topics like the career, life, and the mental state of Hernandez.

11. Locke and Key

A series that took a long time till could be finally aired, but they say every minute they spent was worth. It is an adaptation from a comic book series written by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. The series is a perfect combination of everything you can imagine for an excellent movie. The adventure, the mystery, and the fantasy. No wonder the story of Locke's sibling has left its marks yet again.

12. Outer banks:

Newcomers, storyline not much revealed, and the first shot. You would not be able to witness the beauty of the movie unless to hot the play button. I am an awesomely scripted movie filled with adventure. The film is a journey of two boys from their adolescence where treasure-hunting becomes a task for them. Watch it to check out its uniqueness.

13. Grace and Frankie season 6

The fans have thoroughly enjoyed the last five seasons, and season sixth was no less. Grace and Frankie were shown pursuing their dreams. Though fans have already been waiting for the next season, the finale would be the finale and left many of the fans heartbroken. 

14. The stranger

When there is something fictional you are looking to watch, nothing can get better than the strangers. Filled with suspense and secrets, this thriller movie starring Hannah John Kamen is a roller coaster indeed. 

15. I am thinking of ending things:

The film is about a couple, Lucy and Jake. A horror story that visits Jake’s screen has been screen played awesomely starts from a scene where the two visits the house of Jake to meet his parents and soon find themselves in an unreal world. The story picks up from here. Book yourself sometimes more quickly to witness the continuing events in the movie.

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